The First Step of the Storytelling Journey

Orientation Questionnaire

  1. Why do I want to tell my life story? You may be interested in helping a loved one record his/her memories. If so, simply ask that person these questions.
  2. What time periods and aspects of my life or my family’s history do I want to share?
  3. What photos and images could be included? Mary collaborates with Timeless Family, a personal history service that preserves memories in any number of audiovisual formats such as a photo scrapbook or family documentary. If this is the approach you decide to take, take a look at
  4. Who is my audience?
  5. Who else could be involved in this project?
  6. What type of assistance would be helpful? Visit the Products and Services page for more information.
  7. What do I envision as the end product?
  8. How much time and money do I want to devote to telling my life story?