Tell Your Stories Sisters ImageTell Your Stories, a personal history service, is in the business of capturing the past through the written word. What comes of combining your stories with our expertise? A book about your journey that your loved ones will treasure for generations.

Whether you’re walking around in high heels or getting around in a wheelchair, you are on a journey. From your first birthday to now, you have navigated all kinds of territory. You’ve struck gold, taken detours, traveled with friends, and taken lonely roads. Within you is a map of this journey waiting to be drawn, an epic waiting to be told.

Your grandkids can surf the Web to find out about all kinds of journeys. Where can they go to learn about your quests and discoveries? And what do you have for yourself as a record of where your feet and heart and tears have landed? Your life story.

  • Have you already written your life story and want help polishing it?
  • Do you want to write your personal history but don’t know where to start?
  • Would you like someone to interview you and write up your life story for you?

Whatever storytelling journey you want to take, Tell Your Stories can travel with you. Contact Mary to discuss your personal or family history project.