Speak Your Story

How it Works

1. Mary will interview you about the time periods and topics you want to share. These meetings unfold like comfortable conversations and last between one and two hours. They can take place in your home, your office, or even on the phone. Choose whatever is most comfortable and convenient for you.

2. The interviews will be transcribed verbatim and then woven together into a flowing, engaging narrative that retains your voice. If you like, we can add texture to your life story by adding historical details as well as other people’s memories. (If you want only an oral history, you can opt to purchase a CD of the interview and/or a transcription of it.)

3. Mary will send a draft of the first couple of chapters for you to review and sign off on her approach and writing style.

4. Once the first draft has been written, you will review it—adding details and making corrections. (If you see gaps that need to be filled, this would be the time to request additional interviews.)

5. Then it’s Mary’s turn to incorporate your changes.

6. With careful attention to the time period, content and tone of the life story, a professional graphic designer will pull everything together to create your book.

7. Once you and a professional proofreader have proofread the final draft, the book will be printed and bound. You have reached your journey’s end!