Tell Your Stories will help you move your stories from your mind to the printed page. No matter what role we take, we’ll help you reach your destination.


Have you already written your life story and want an experienced editor to take a look? Tell Your Stories can help with anything from word choice and punctuation to organization and development. We have helped writers of all ages and walks of life organize and polish their prose. Some share their final manuscripts with friends and family members. Others go on to publish for the general public.

Writing Coach

Do you want to write your life story and need someone to offer memory prompts, share writing tips, keep you on schedule, and provide feedback along the way? For nearly forty years Tell Your Stories’ founder, Mary Johnston, has been teaching, tutoring, coaching or editing. She knows how to help people focus their efforts, express their thoughts, and write polished prose.

Personal historian

Would you rather speak your story than write it? Tell Your Stories will interview you about the aspects of your life you want to share. From there we will transcribe, edit, design, print, and bind your life story.